This site is dedicated to the fight, care, and hope for all who have been diagnoised with Cancer. There are many types of Cancer that affect us all. My fight is personal but all shared with family and friends that provide the essential support that is needed. It's important to understand that Cancer affects everyone around you.  I'll be sharing information & resources to help patients & families in need of support.  I have learned it is a jou​rney shared.

Please check back regularly & share your thoughts, journey, cares & concerns. With the help of our Non- profit organization "Mustard Seed Faith Foundation, we hope to help those in need as best we can. 


Mustard Seed Faith can move mountains.


Cancer was not a death senctence but a life awakening to my spirit. 

Cancer is genderless, ageless & colorless. It cares not for your social or economic status. Doesn't care if you are good or bad, nor does it care about your credentials or accomplishments.  Cancer doesn't always come with warning signs or directions.  It cares not for anything or anyone…it is Cancer. But… it does not have to be the end. Being diagnosed with Cancer can be devastating. In a moment your life changes. A million questions appear at once and then the next moment its all blank. There is an echo in your head asking, "Did they just say Cancer? Me? Wow."  Mustard seed faith Luke 17:6

Mustard seed faith

I'm accepting donations to help fight & support all cancers.

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